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The Movement in Africa is a non-profit organisation that innovates, catalyses, educates and advocates agroecology farming practices and wellness of all people who are dedicated to the shift to a regenerative world.

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Our Story

The Movement in Africa focusses on community-led learning and support projects that offer solutions to food sovereignty and an equitable, just and sustainable food system. The Movement uses agroecology farming practises, together with entrepreneurship and wellness teachings to transform groups into productive, healthy, resilient and empowered communities. With special focus on the creation of micro businesses and implementing environmental restoration programs.

The time has come to unite and reclaim the stolen harvest and celebrate the growing and giving of good food as the highest gift and the most revolutionary act.’



our goals


    To advance the education of individuals by sharing the experiences and best practices of agroecology farming, in order to lead sustainable and resilient lifestyles.


    To advance wellness through empathy circles using The Circle Method to empower the youth to interact in the world with greater confidence and capability, while promoting a culture of mutual acceptance and respect, effective communications, and cross-cultural outreach.


    To support the creation of micro businesses and a developed system getting crops to market.


    To educate awareness and advance action for environmental protection, to become catalysts for projects that shift environmental degradation.


    To advance citizen and community participation in local decision-making, influencing policy-makers, and educating the public, to accelerate the transition to sustainable living.

our mission

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